London International Mime Festival and
the Barbican present the UK Premiere of

Charleroi Danses
Kiss & Cry

Michèle Anne De Mey and Jaco Van Dormael
A collective creation with Grégory Grosjean,
Thomas Gunzig, Julien Lambert, Sylvie Olivé
and Nicolas Olivier

Wed 25 > Sat 28 June
Barbican Theatre >

Very occasionally, we come across wonderful shows that are not available in January... Kiss & Cry is one of them.

A woman near the end of her life remembers her greatest loves, starting with her first and truest: a boy whose hand she touched for a few seconds on a crowded train when she was twelve years old.

In a stunning blend of cinema, movement, text and theatre, human hands portray the characters of a sensual drama as a film is simultaneously made and screened in real time before our eyes.
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